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I just love kitchen gadgets. There, I said it. A walk through Williams-Sonoma or the kitchenware aisles in Target spark joy in my heart. I thought I had seen all there was to complete a home’s culinary tool set until I was invited to review a new product: the Wine Condom. Wine Condoms are the kitchen item you never knew you needed, until now.

Wine Condoms — Say what?

You read that right: wine condoms.

I keep a wine condom in my purse to have on hand for a girls' night!

Who doesn’t love a fun and kitchy item?

So what are they?

First, let me say that no, they are not wine-flavored condoms, which I have been asked. That would be a whole different sort of blog post! 

A Wine Condom is a rubber sheath for your wine bottle to both preserve the wine and prevent spills.

Wine Condoms are the clever invention of a mom/son business team: comedian Laura Bartlett and millennial entrepreneur Mitch Strahan.

At the outset I wasn’t sure if I thought they’d be more than a gimmick. And I wondered what others would think of them too.

Well, they were a hit with my in-laws when they visited and with my friends from a couple different girls’ nights (read about why I think a girls’ night is the best night)!

My social circle gives them a hearty thumbs up.

And I was impressed too!

I love how portable they are, so you can take them along to whatever group gathering you have — picnics, barbecues, parties, girls’ nights.

Wine Condoms brought out curiosity and joyfulness of the folks at each event I shared them with. People were smiling, laughing, or even cheering!

They actually do what they set out to do. They cap the wine bottle in a way that is new and fun.

And a bonus is that a wine bottle with a Wine Condom doesn’t add any bulk to the bottle when you go to put it in the fridge. It just fits better! (That’s what she said, haha).

Traditional wine corks and pourers add height, meaning you have to then turn the bottle on its side, that is if there is space for it anywhere in your full fridge.

And in the world that exists outside my little bubble, Wine Condoms have been making headlines and getting accolades as well!

Ripping open the wine condom packaging

Wine Condoms are so popular that they have recently been listed on Buzzfeed’s list of awesome products for your Amazon wishlist, and they are rated as a #1 Bestseller on Amazon for wine stoppers!

If you are wondering where you can find Wine Condoms, just click this link!

And if you still aren’t sold, here is a handy little four-point summary of my review on the coolest new kitchen gadget that you didn’t know you needed, until now:

One - They are a clever play on words. People like punny.
Two - They are a crowd pleaser.
Three - A box comes with six "condoms", allowing you to keep all your bottles fresh at a party where several varietals are open.
Four - They are super convenient, effective, and reusable!

Wine Condoms are the kitchen item you never knew you needed, until now!

Besides stocking your kitchen drawer and party handbag with them for many a soirée, they make a great hostess gift, a fun stocking stuffer, and an awesome gift for that friend who has everything (or so they think!).

Get your Wine Condoms here!

Practice safe wine storage, everyone. 😉

And just FYI, one caveat. Doo keep your bottles with Wine Condoms upright (i.e. not in a wine fridge) because I have heard of the condom coming off with the extra pressure.

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