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We’ve all heard it before: babies don’t come with a manual. And gosh, don’t we wish they did! When you become a parent for the first time — or the fifth — you have nerves, questions, and anxieties. You’d think going through it more than once would mean you now have all the answers, and while you have many, and you are probably more relaxed, the reality is that every child is wildly different, and you have to treat them as uniquely as they are. This is where Dr. Whitney Casares’ book written with the American Academy of Pediatrics comes in! Meet: The New Baby Blueprint – Caring for You and Your Little One.

When I became a mother, even though I’d had close to a decade of experience working with children and their families, my experience was full of uncertainty, and Dr. Casares humbly shares the same!

the new baby blueprint, Dr Whitney Casares

Dr. Casares is an expert pediatrician and has helped many families navigate those early days, months, and years of parenthood! And yet, when she became a mother, like most of us, she had some work to do to find her footing.

She shares in the Preface of her book that she felt “blindsided, at first, by the fatigues, stress, and emotions that come with being a new mom.”

As a result of her personal experience, she put her professional skills to great use in penning this guide for parents.

the new baby blueprint; mom preparing calendar

The New Baby Blueprint

You wanted a baby manual? You got one!

Dr. Casares covers a host of topics in this easy-to-read book, including:

  • Preparing mentally for parenthood
  • Getting kitted out with all the gear you’ll actually need
  • Managing your relationship with your partner as you enter new territory
  • What’s typical (and what’s not)
  • …And more!

The chapters that I feel will have the most impact on a new mom are those about breastfeeding success (mainly because I did NOT have success with my firstborn) and about what the first few weeks might look like.

Great Gift for Yourself or Your Best Girlfriend

This is certainly a book that is a must-have in your parenting arsenal!

It is a great resource for you, for your partner, and a fabulous gift for your family and friends who are expecting.

Especially in times of COVID, where the physical and in-person support of your “village” and community is lacking due to social distancing restrictions and high anxiety levels, how great to have a baby blueprint for all those questions that come with having a newborn!

I hope Dr. Casares’ The New Baby Blueprint gives you peace of mind as you become a mother!

“The moment a child is born, the mother is also born.”

– Rajneesh, in The New Baby Blueprint
Click above to watch Dr. Whitney Casares speak with a morning news program about what parents SHOULDN’T worry about!

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