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Note, the child in the picture above is my daughter — proof that she does in fact sleep sometimes. And when she does sleep, it is golden. GOLDEN. You’ll see more below about my pride in completing tasks without waking her…

Things You Never Knew That You Would be Proud of, Until You Became a Parent!

– Not dropping food on your baby while you multitask eating and holding them

– Getting yourself and your child ready for the day and under 2 hours

– Wrapping a ridiculously long scarf around your torso like fabric origami, aka successfully putting on a baby carrier

– …and then peeing while baby-wearing (bonus points for getting your pants closed correctly)

– Heat styling your hair while you have your foot on the downed toilet lid to keep your toddler from trying to climb into it

– Waking up feeling refreshed

– Convincing your child to eat a plate full of food they love, after an hour of pleading of course

– And basically anything you accomplish while keeping your baby asleep:

  • Getting yourself dressed in a pitch black room, ideally with matching socks
  • Changing a sleeping baby’s diaper (this one really makes you feel like an absolute rockstar!)
  • Exercising extreme toe dexterity to grab a dropped item with your foot while holding said sleeping baby
  • Employing ninja skills to roll over in bed without making a sound to prevent your stealth-eared child from hearing (and being excited by) any sounds of activity

What are some of the funny or unexpected circumstances that have caused you to swell with pride? Share in the comments

Love and hugs,

Christina Furnival

Christina is a mom to two wild and wonderful kiddos, a licensed psychotherapist (LPCC), the founder of her website and therapeutic motherhood blog Real Life Mama, and a children's book author of a social/emotional wellbeing series, Capable Kiddos! She and her Scottish husband are raising their family in San Diego, where they love to hike, play soccer, cook, walk around the lake, and go to the beach.

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