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Motherhood can come as a shock to even the most prepared mother-to-be. This is why Lindsay Kellar-Madsen, Canadian mom of four (including twins!) living abroad with her husband in Denmark, has written her debut children’s book “The Lovely Haze of Baby Days”.

Lindsay wrote this beautifully illustrated, rhyming children’s book as a way to let moms know they aren’t alone in the incredibly special, yet seriously exhausting early days and months of motherhood.

Those first six weeks of your new child’s life, what Lindsay refers to as a period of “beauty and chaos of motherhood”, can be the most amazing and wonderfully life-changing. But also, for mothers like myself, the shift to motherhood can feel painfully up-ending.

Most mothers will experience some type of “baby blues” in the first two weeks postpartum, but as many moms start to feel better, some do not.

One in five women will experience postpartum depression and anxiety following the birth of their little one. And with COVID, that number has gone up significantly!

the lovely haze of baby days book interior

When you are a mom battling with your own mental health on top of the busyness of tending to a dependent sweet baby, it’s easy to feel like you are alone in your struggles.

And this is exactly what Lindsay and “The Lovely Haze of Baby Days” is trying to bring attention to.

The story is one that your littles will love because of its bouncy rhythm and fun rhymes. They will also enjoy hearing a story that centers around their mommy and themselves!

And it’s a story that you will enjoy and will help you feel supported.

You are not a bad mom for feeling worn out or down — it is hard work! Your feelings are so normal, that it was worth Lindsay writing a book about it.

“When baby’s small — or fully grown — in motherhood, you’re not alone.”

“The Lovely Haze of Baby Days” is the perfect story to get for yourself, or to gift to an expectant mama.

It would make for a great baby shower gift!

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